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Why do I feel tightness in my hamstring?

Hamstring sprain or cramps

“For several years I have felt tightness and soreness in my right hamstring. I don’t remember hurting myself, so what could be the problem?”

Based on your description, it seems we can rule out an actual hamstring injury. There are several other possible sources of your pain and they all involve referral of pain.

A lumbar facet joint with restricted mobility can result in tightness in the hamstring.

Decreased neutral mobility of certain lumbar nerve roots, or the sciatic nerve, may result in hamstring pain.

Trigger points in certain hop muscles may refer pain to various areas of the leg.

Spine arthritic changes can result in inflammation, which then may refer pain into the leg.

This list is only a few possibilities. Consultation with a physical therapist to determine the cause of your pain would be beneficial. Techniques I often use for these problems include neural mobilization, dry needling, joint mobilization, and various stretching and strengthening exercised.

Tim Minnick, PT

Chronic Headaches? Addressing the Cause of the Pain to Put an End to your Suffering.

Migraine Headache
Chronic headaches can be caused by a large variety of conditions. Often, they are due to issues we’re having with our muscles and joints.

If you are experiencing headaches accompanied by tension in the muscles of your shoulders and neck, you may be a candidate for physical therapy.

There are a variety of treatment options available, and our therapists are highly skilled in the use of dry needling and manual therapy to relieve the pain and suffering associated with chronic headaches. And the best part? These techniques work quickly. Results are often immediate, or can be seen within a matter of weeks.

Headaches can be a pain in the neck. But they don’t have to! Call Excel Therapy today to see if physical therapy might be the cure you’ve been searching for!